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The construction of secondary vocational school in Golubovci has begun

The construction of secondary vocational school in Golubovci has begun
Published date: 19.01.2017 17:00 | Author: PR Department

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Minister of education Dr Damir Šehović, Mayor of the Capital – Podgorica Slavoljub Stijepović and President of the City Municipality of Golubovci Dušan Radonjic have officially laid the cornerstone for a new vocational secondary school in Golubovci. The ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Predrag Bošković. Thereby the construction of the school building, worth over 4.5 million euros, has officially started, and it is expected to be completed for little more than 14 months. The area of the facility will be a total gross of 5478.86 m2. The school is designed for 750 students, and will also have a gym with 480 seats in the auditorium.

Minister Šehović commented on the significance of this project for the municipality, as well as on the activities planned for this year: "I believe that this school will be a driving force to children in the City Municipality of Golubovci to learn with pleasure in a good atmosphere. I would point out that, within the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Public Works for 2017 is provided 5.5 million euros when it comes to the budget for the construction and reconstruction of the buildings in education sector. We are expecting an important year in which we will build or start building seven pre-schools and several schools. In this way, we show that education is one of the priorities of the Government. In addition, it is planned to update a series of important laws in the field of education this year, and we aim to bring the system of education to a higher level and achieve its further putting into function of social and economic development of Montenegro."

President of the City Municipality of Golubovci Radonjić said: "The government of Montenegro, the administration of the Capital - Podgorica and City Municipality of Golubovci recognized education as one of the segments in which should be invested. So we will now get a representative institution that will be among the finest in the country. The key thing about this project is the creation of new staff for those professions that are recognized as interesting and scarce. We intend to transform the school in the future, into a regional training center for adults in agriculture."

Mayor of Podgorica Stijepović said that today has begun the realization of a very important project, he accentuated: "This educational institution was indeed necessary in City Municipality of Golubovci, and young people will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills here, that will help them during future education and work . Management of the Capital work a lot, especially in areas of sport, road and communal infrastructure, and I appreciate that this will help in creating better living conditions for citizens in order to maintain the same quality of life in all parts of Podgorica."

During the preparations for the realization of this important project, feasibility study for establishing vocational school was made, the survey was conducted among primary school pupils in Zeta. Surveys have shown that the 80% of students would chose to attend high school in Golubovci. After the realization of the planning assumptions by adopting Urbanistic project "High School Golubovci", resolving property relations, production of documentation, issuance of licenses and selection of contractors, the conditions for the start of construction are created.