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The First School and Education Portal in Montenegro -

The First Montenegrin School and Education Portalwas launched on January 28th, 2005. It is the first school and education web portal in Montenegro. The portal is designed and implemented by a non-governmental organization Mreza The Association for information system development, in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Science...


In the school 2005/2006 year twenty seven primary schools are going to enter the education reform

The Ministry of Education and Science, on the recommendation of the Bureau for Education Services, has chosen the following 27 primary schools in Montenegro which are going to implement the new nine-year programmes in the school 2005/2006 year...


Contact -The Ministry of Education and Science

Address: Ul. Vaka Đurovića bb,
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro


Tel: +382 20 410 100
Fax: +382 20 410 101


The Council for Adult Education of Republic of Montenegro

The strategy of education reform states the necessity for the founding of professional and advisory bodies that will take over a part of the competences and responsibilities the Ministry of Education and Science currently has, for the purposeof the de-politicization and
decentralization of the system.

"The Book of Changes", in its part relating to the advisory bodies, suggests the activities of three such bodies The Council for General Education of Montenegro, The Council for Vocational Education of Montenegro and The Council for Adult Education of Republic of Montenegro, which will deal with professional issues within these areas of education...


The Bureau for Education Services

The Bureau for Education Services is foreseen as the leading institution of the education system, to which the greatest number of solutions stated in The Book of Changes and in the set of laws on education refers. This institution will encompass research, advisory and development functions within the scope of its work, and as such, it will represent one of the most significant elements of support for the education system in Montenegro...


The Examination Center of Montenegro (ECM)

The concept of the new education system of Montenegro foresees the introduction of a quality assurance system. The existence of such a system means the definition of corresponding standards and the adequate procedures for the evaluation of its achievements, both at an internal and an external level...


The Center for Vocational Education

Vocational education is treated as an integral part of the existing education system. All the Ministry of Education and Sciences norms and principles were equally oriented both to vocational and to general education. However, the new conditions of production, the changes of professions in line with new technologies and with new surroundings, new standards in services and other activities, and, on the other hand, the passiveness and the absence of industry and other public entities to participate in the creation of vocational education has led to the situation where the knowledge and skills, developed in such an education system, are unsatisfactory for the fulfillment of the requirements and the standards of the labor market...


School Network

The institutions for public education shall be founded in line with the network of institutions.
The Government shall decide on the network of institutions, on the basis of certain standards and criterions.
The standards and criterions for the establishing of the institutions network are...


Reorganization of MES of RM

The existing situation in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Montenegro (MES RM), the result of old-fashioned models regulating public institutions does not satisfy the requirements imposed as prerequisites for the reform, and therefore its reorganization is required as a top priority...